Achieve revitalised, glowing skin in just 30 minutes with the Carboxi Express Treatment

carboxi express treatment

This ‘Glow on the Go’ 30 minute exfoliating and oxygenating facial treatment is perfect before a special party, especially for those who want a flawless complexion but are restricted for time!  

After a thorough eye, lip and face cleanse, this 3 phase treatment starts off with a triple exfoliant which breaks down the lipid barrier and penetrates the pores to clear away dead skin cells and promote cell renewal. The next step is a Carbonic Powder which creates an effervescent effect on the skin to leave it looking visibly revitalised and radiant. The final step is the Botanical Activateur which will soothe and regenerate skin cells as well as hydrate and soften the skin.

The benefits of this treatment are instantly noticeable and will leave you with a luminous and celebration ready complexion.

To book in for this express treatment simply call 0207 821 1020 or book online. 

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