We have been closely monitoring the government and our industry’s advice and we have made some changes in how we operate under their best guidance to ensure the safety of our clients and team members. Please see our ‘COVID-19 Safety Procedures’ section below for more information.

Planning a visit 

If you are planning a visit you must read the following sections below prior to your appointment: 


  • You will need to complete a COVID-19 health questionnaire 24 hours before your appointment.
  • To minimise contact wherever possible we have made the decision to use digital consultation forms. This form will be sent to you via email or text as a link. Once you complete it, your details will be saved so you will not need to fill the form each time, however, if there has been any changes to your medical history or medication please amend the form where applicable. Should you experience difficulties with completing this form please call 0207 821 1020 as soon as possible. 
  • We are currently operating an appointment-only service and will not be accepting walk-ins until further notice.
  • If you feel unwell or are displaying COVID-19 symptoms, however mild, please contact us to reschedule your appointment. If someone you live with (or someone in your support bubble) is displaying COVID-19 symptoms, self-isolating or has tested positive for COVID-19 please contact us to reschedule your appointment even if you do not have any symptoms. You can read more information about COVID-19 symptoms here


  • We are only accepting card or contactless payments (including Apple Pay) at this time to minimise contact. If you do wish to leave a gratuity, please speak to a member of our team as we have envelopes for this purpose.


  • Attend your appointment unaccompanied (unless it is not possible to do so) with as little personal possessions as possible.
  • Arrive at the time of your scheduled appointment so we can maximise social distancing in the reception area.
  • If you arrive early and we feel social distancing cannot be maintained in the reception area, we may politely ask you to wait outside until your scheduled appointment time. Please feel free to relax at one of our hospitality neighbours where you can enjoy their food and beverage offerings. 
  • You will be greeted with warm verbal welcomes but without handshakes or hugs.
  • You will be politely asked to wash your hands before your treatment commences and we may take a brief temperature check. 

In the salon 

  • Please wear a face covering whilst in the salon and for the duration of your treatment (excludes facials, lip and chin waxing/threading).
  • We are unable to serve refreshments at this present time, however, we do have canned water available for you should you wish to have it during your visit or to take away. We kindly ask you to refrain from eating food or drinks, other than what we provide, in the salon. 
  • Please maintain social distancing in the salon wherever possible. 

COVID-19 Safety Procedures 

As always, the safety of our clients and team members is central to our every consideration and we make no compromises in safety for financial gain. We have been closely monitoring the government and our industry’s advice and we have made some changes in how we operate under their best guidance.

Many of the procedures outlined below have been in place since the very beginning, however, we wanted to highlight them to give you piece of mind and to reassure you that we have always and will always do everything we can to be a safe salon. Please note we may amend of adjust these guidelines based on government policy and new research to protect the safety of all our clients and team members.

Team members

  • Daily staff temperature checks are carried out upon arrival.
  • Our team are following government guidelines and will self-isolate at home if they display even the slightest COVID-19 symptoms. We will try our very best to allocate another therapist to cover self-isolating therapists’ shifts, however, we ask for your patience and understanding if we need to reschedule your appointment.
  • We provide PPE for all of our team members to use. This includes face coverings, face visors, gloves and aprons and therapists will wear the appropriate PPE for each treatment.
  • Therapists always wash their hands before and after each treatment.
  • Therapists only wear their uniform in the salon.
  • All team members practice social distancing where possible ie in communal areas and when they are not performing treatments.


  • Staff have been trained to adapt treatments to uphold best practice, including hygiene and safety.
  • We have increased the appointment length time of every treatment to deep clean work stations/ rooms and increase ventilation between treatments as well as to avoid client congestion in the reception area so that social distancing can be maintained.
  • Each new nail client receives their own nail file and buffer and we sterilise all other metal tools.
  • We use a new disposable spatula for every wax application during our waxing treatments ie our therapists never double dip the same waxing spatula back into the wax pot after it has been in contact with the client to prevent cross contamination.
  • We provide fresh towels and sheets for every treatment.
  • All the equipment used for each treatment is disinfected after every client. This includes CND shellac machines, tweezers, facial and tinting brushes and bowls, facial probes, pedicure bowls (we also use pedicure bowl inserts). Tools are also placed into sterile pouches ready for each client.


  • We have re-arranged our waiting and manicure areas to maximise social distancing. We have also installed protective screens on the reception desk and manicure tables.
  • All objects and surfaces (worktops, door handles, handrails, chairs, switches, trolleys, treatment beds, sinks, taps, tables and any other touch point surfaces and objects) that are touched regularly are cleaned with a disinfectant after every treatment/client visit.
  • We have installed sanitising stations in the salon- you will find them at the salon entrance and next to the toilet, please use these as much and as often as you can.
  • The toilet is cleaned after each use.
  • iPads/tablets and card machines are disinfected after each use.
  • The reception area will be maintained as paper free wherever possible. Coronavirus has been shown to be active on paper and cardboard for 24 hours and these are difficult to properly disinfect. Reusable copies of the salon treatment list, promotional leaflets and magazines have been removed. We have also removed appointment reminder cards; all clients will receive appointment reminder texts 1 day before their scheduled appointment.
  • We maintain good ventilation in the salon by keeping windows as well as doors open where possible. We also have a ventilation system on throughout the day to improve airflow.