Winter Skin Care Tips

winter skincare tips

During the winter the skin generally becomes drier and sometimes becomes more sensitive.  The air is drier and this combined with central heating means that you may need to adapt your daily skincare routine.

Drinking water will help to hydrate from within and swapping hot tea and coffee for green tea which has antioxidant effects is also a helpful idea. In the winter, adding extra hydrating products to your routine is very beneficial.  I recommend adding a hydrating serum such as Germaine de Capuccini Hydracure Deep Hydrating Serum underneath your moisturiser and using a moisturising mask regularly to help maintain moisture levels.  I also recommend the Environ Hydrating Capsules as an excellent addition to your existing routine whenever you feel your skin needs an extra hydration boost.

The Environ Hydraboost treatment, Germaine de Capuccini Hydracure Intense Hydration and the Natura Bissé 3D Collagen Shock or Citrus Essence facials will all deeply hydrate and nurture your skin as well as replace any loss of hydration within your skin.

A product that I also highly recommend using is a gentle peel such as the Natura Bissé Tolerance Enzyme Peel which is an enzymatic peel to use at home for the most delicate of skins.  It is extremely effective at eliminating dead skin cells and debris from the skin and will allow any further hydrating products you use to penetrate and work more efficiently.  It is so gentle that it can be used around delicate areas such as the eyes and lips.

If you would like any more advice on your skincare at this time of the year or which facial treatment would be best suited to your skin’s needs, please contact me (0207 821 1020) to arrange a consultation either in person or over the telephone.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

-Gillian, Senior Facialist and Skin Expert at Moreton Place Beauty & Wellbeing

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