Maskne Facial Guide

maskne facial guide

Experiencing breakouts and skin irritation lately? You are not alone! With the increased use of face masks/coverings, Maskne (Mask + Acne) is becoming a common skin issue. To help target mask related skincare concerns we have created a Maskne Facial Guide.

Want to combat a Maskne issue but don’t want to give up your favourite facial? Don’t worry our skin experts have also designed two new Maskne add on treatments to supercharge your next facial.

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What is Maskne? 

Masks can rub and irritate the skin leading to a condition known as acne mechanica. This condition is caused by friction, increased heat and/or pressure and is made worse by sweating.

If you have acne mechanica, you may find that you are experiencing increased oiliness, blackheads and breakouts. Your skin may feel rough at first and then become bumpy followed by the onset of more blackheads, raised papules (small red bumps) and pustules (yellowish pus filled spots) and possibly painful acne nodules (large hard bumps) and cysts (large pus-filled lumps).


Here’s our Maskne Facial Guide:  

caci skin calm


CACI Skin Calm 

Ideal for: Irritated skin & breakouts

Treatment time: 30 MIN

Treatment Cost: £45

This facial targets skin prone to breakouts and irritation in just 30 minutes. It incorporates the CACI Hydro Mask to deliver intense hydration while cooling, soothing and calming irritation or redness. The mask is worked over with LED Light Therapy renowned for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory healing properties. This facial is great for those who are also concerned with ageing because not only is the Hydro Mask soaked in hyaluronic acid and collagen, but the red LED light stimulates collagen production helping to plump and smooth the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!


A CACI Skin Calm Facial & a 28 day supply of Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Ultimate supplements this September!


The Cure Facial

Ideal for: Congested skin (e.g. blackheads)

Treatment time: 75 MIN

Treatment Cost: £110

Attempting to remove blackheads at home is a big no no so we recommend booking in for this deep cleansing facial which removes them gently without damaging the skin. It also helps to clear clogged pores and prevent new blackheads from forming. Skin is left looking hydrated, smooth and radiant.

essential comfort calm facial

Essential Comfort Calm 

Ideal for: Sensitive, irritated skin  

Treatment time: 60 MIN or 90 MIN

Treatment Cost: £90 (60 MIN) or £115 (90 MIN)

During this facial we apply Environ’s Fortifying Colostrum Serum to the skin. This serum contains a high concentration of bovine colostrum and antioxidants. Colostrum stimulates growth factors and immune factors to reduce redness, calm and strength the skin. Using sound waves we drive the serum’s active ingredients deep into the lower layers of the skin to leave it looking and feeling calmer and soothed.

high frequency facial


High Frequency Add On 

Ideal for: all skin types experiencing breakouts 

Treatment time: 15 MIN (supercharge your next facial with this add on treatment)

Treatment cost: £20

During this treatment your face is covered with a guaze and then we work over the gauze with a glass electrode. Upon contact with the skin, high frequency electrical current passes through the glass electrode leading to the formation of ozone which has an antibacterial and germicidal effect on the skin.

High frequency benefits:

Drying and healing action on spots so they go down more quickly.

Germicidal effect due to the formation of ozone which helps to kill acne causing bacteria.

Increases blood circulation to bring essential nutrients to the skin and remove waste products.

Improves the skin’s texture by aiding the natural exfoliation process known as desquamation.

Great for all skin types experiencing blemishes but particularly oily skins as it helps to regulate oil production.

Image 12

LED Light Therapy Add On 

Ideal for: Irritated skin & breakouts 

Treatment time: 15 MIN (boost your next facial with this add on treatment)

Treatment cost: £25

LED Light Therapy uses the therapeutic properties of red and blue light. Red LED light speeds up cell renewal, stimulates collagen and promotes wound healing. Blue light soothes and calms, kills acne bacteria and cools down inflammation. It’s also a powerful antiseptic. Combined red and blue light is particularly effective in the treatment of acne and blemishes.




We look forward to seeing you soon!

The team at Moreton Place Beauty & Wellbeing x

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