July products of the month: Germaine De Capuccini Sunspray Anti-Ageing SPF20 and Icy Pleasure Body Aftersun

For July we have chosen two Germaine De Capuccini summer essentials:

Sunspray Anti-Ageing SPF20 is a transparent spray that protects your skin from harmful UV rays whilst providing a burst of hydration. It is also effective for your hair.

This sunspray protects the skin in 4 ways:

  • External Protection: Double external protection against UVB radiation responsible for sunburn and against UVA rays responsible for skin ageing.
  • Internal Protection: Complete anti-age protection against two of the main problems that cause photo-ageing, spots and wrinkles.
  • DNA Expert System: An advanced defence system against cellular damage. Helps to keep the production of free radicals, which are harmful to skin cells, under control thereby protecting the skin against photo-ageing.

Icy Pleasure Body After Sun is the perfect skin treatment following sun exposure. This after sun will hydrate the skin, help prevent peeling and repair damaged skin cells!

Main Benefits

– Immediately soothes the burning feeling and redness.
– Defends the skin against the negative effects of UV rays in an effective, continuing way over 24 hours.
– Increases and protects collagen production (collagen is responsible for keeping skin firm and supple).

Both products are available at Incredible You (while stocks last)

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