The Effects of Everyday Pollution on Your Skin

There are three main types of pollution that can damage your skin causing it to age prematurely, become sensitive and appear dull.



Most people know about the damaging effects UVA and UVB rays can have on skin cells due to the generation of harmful free radicals.  However, there is a growing concern of HEV (artificial blue light) from electronic screens which causes more damage than the two combined.  The light can penetrate deep and reach the DNA in skin cells which can starve them of oxygen and will affect their regeneration.  This will in return cause premature ageing and leave the skin dull and grey.



Toxic particles from pollutants such as smoke, acid and gas in the air are 20 times smaller than our pores which allows them to easily penetrate deep into the lower skin layers. This will affect the skin’s natural hydration process and it’s ability to produce collagen. In addition, these toxins can also result in the skin looking dull.



Heating, air conditioning, cleaning products and other household substances sit on the skin’s surface which can cause irritation and draw out moisture resulting in dehydration.  These pollutants can also compromise the outermost skin layer (skin’s protective barrier) which makes it more easy for other pollutant types to enter and causes the skin to become more sensitive.


So with these three main types of pollution the solutions to protect and repair the skin are:


  1. The cells need regenerating and an oxygen boost.
  2. Skin needs to be detoxified and cleaned.
  3. To strengthen the skin’s barrier function.


The Excel Therapy O2 City Proof Facial targets these three types of pollution that are harmful to the skin.  The treatment has two masks which work to repair and defend the skin against pollution damage and external stress.  The Oxygenating Bubble Mask releases pure oxygen in the deep dermal layers of the skin.  The second mask activates the skin’s immune system increasing its defence capability.  The treatment also includes a highly relaxing lymphatic facial massage to de-stress and detoxify the skin. Not only will this facial leave your skin looking clearer and radiant but it will help reverse the damage caused by pollution.

This miracle facial lasts for one hour and costs £60.


If you have any questions about this treatment, any other facial treatment or skin concerns please contact me at


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– Gillian, Senior Facialist & Manager at Moreton Place Beauty & Wellbeing

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