Detox For The Skin

What are the benefits to the skin when you detox?

Lifestyle and how we care for our skin plays a huge role in its health and appearance. This is why it’s important that the consultation card that you are presented with at your facial appointment is filled in correctly and updated accordingly to enable the facialist to establish the skin’s current needs and expectations.

The end of festivities and the beginning of a new year is a time when you consider an appropriate and sensible detox to get your skin in great condition for the year ahead.

Your body is capable of detoxing itself but with lifestyle and environmental factors contributing to the intake of toxins sometimes your system needs a little help!

Toxins may interfere with the smooth running of the body’s systems. Your organs need to work harder to eliminate the extra toxins which will disrupt the their proper functions.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and it’s main function is the elimination of waste. If this is interrupted then it leads to sallow skin tone, blackheads, congestions and dark circles. Although these issues may be due to external aggressors, the detox will certainly help.

A sensible detox program will incorporate not only drinking water but also consuming fruits, vegetables and protein. The addition of daily nutritional supplements such as the Advanced Nutrition Programme from the International Institute of Anti Ageing (iiaa) called Skin Pure which supports normal liver function, critical for detoxification in the body, would also be beneficial.

To start a detox for your skin, drinking water is a perfect way to achieve a clear and hydrated complexion. Drinking green tea which contains antioxidants will also assist in protecting the skin from damaging free radicals.

Including Pro Biotics in your diet will help to purify your skin from the inside out. It helps to alleviate toxins, benefiting not only your skin but your general health too.

Avoiding skincare and cosmetics which contain parabens, mineral oils and other preservatives which are generally unfriendly to your skin is another helpful idea.

Along with monitoring diet and lifestyle habits whilst detoxing, having the appropriate cleansing facial is always a good option as a detox can cause breakouts and dull skin.

THE PURE EXPERT FACIAL works to re-balance the skin’s pH; any breakouts from uncontrolled lifestyle, diet or hormonal imbalances are calmed and reduced leaving your skin looking healthier. This facial incorporates the Skin Renewing Exfoliation Solution which renews, purifies, soothes, cleanses and softens the skin allowing for a more comfortable extraction if needed. A lymphatic drainage sequence follows which will stimulate lymphatic flow and bring a fresh and healthy look to your complexion.

Once you complete your detox you will appreciate a clear and glowing complexion and you will feel light, refreshed and have more energy to face the New Year!

To continue your good work it is recommended to repeat a detox at least four times per year.

I look forward to seeing you soon for your detoxing Pure Expert Facial Treatment!  Wishing everybody a very Happy New Year!

– Gillian, Senior Facialist & Manager at Moreton Place Beauty & Wellbeing

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