Formulated with the finest resins, pure beeswax and beautiful essential oils, Lycon hot waxes deliver incredible results, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm.


We use Lycon’s Lycojet wax which is a special formula hot wax that us ideal for facial waxing.


Why do we love it?

  • Less painful – we follow Lycon’s waxing protocol which includes the use of their pre-waxing oil. This oil is applied to the skin prior to waxing and helps to protect and prevent wax from sticking to the skin by creating a barrier between your skin and the wax causing less pain.
  • Kinder to the delicate facial skin (& less irritation): Although we use hot wax it actually melts at a lower temperature causing little to no irritation (or redness) post wax whilst still delivering excellent results.


Please note we only use Lycon wax in our facial waxing treatments.

Posted by / October 3, 2022
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