Facial Massage & The Benefits

For me a good facial massage can be very powerful to the condition and overall appearance of your skin.

In my opinion I do feel that with a good regular facial massage your skin and your facial muscles benefit in many ways; your skin will be nourished from the ingredients and your facial muscles will be toned to leave your facial contours redefined. Throughout my career I have always been an advocate for facial massage over electrical treatments as both your skin and facial muscles are treated.

Whichever facial you choose will usually incorporate some form of massage, however, the type of massage will be dependent on your particular concerns. When you have an anti-ageing facial massage, the movements will focus more on lifting, sculpting and re-defining the facial muscles and contours.  Facial massage will increase fresh oxygen to the skin which in itself is a completely natural form of anti-ageing for your complexion.  The increase of blood flow helps to stimulate collagen production and these combined equal a naturally healthy and glowing complexion!

For a congested or particularly oilier skin, a lighter pressure is always recommended so as not to overstimulate the sebaceous oil glands.  I would use a light detoxing massage which will aid the lymphatic flow encouraging a clear skin.  Detox massage has a deeply restorative feel and will also help to reduce puffiness or sinus congestion.

It is a helpful idea to take a couple of minutes using some simple massage movements whilst applying your skincare at home. You could even incorporate a two minute massage whilst you doing your morning cleanse to revive and depuff your skin for the day. After each facial I can always provide some simple massage techniques to suit your skin.

-Gillian, Facialist & Skin Expert at Moreton Place Beauty & Wellbeing 

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